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02/10/1932 - 08/15/2008
Mabel Collins left this earth August 15, 2008, to go to heaven and join her husband Nicholas, who passed away one month earlier.
06/20/1944 - 09/19/2008
Claire Barlow (June 20, 1944 - September 19, 2008) left this world too early. She was a great mother for her three children, a caring grandmother for her four grandchildren, a perfect wife and an accomplished sportswoman.
07/12/1919 - 01/23/2009
Nancy Simpson was born July 12, 1919 on a farm nine miles south of Upland Hills, Missouri and she entered into peace January 23, 2009 at St. Francis Hospital, Upland Hills, Missouri. She was the daughter of John F. Mosher and Pearl Wise. Nancy was...
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09/27/1936 - 08/25/1999
Valerie Bush was a great educator, mentor, loving wife and mother, who left this world too sudden, leaving to mourn all those who knew her.
09/19/1952 - 08/28/2009
Miranda Leroy, loving wife of Joshua Leroy, beloved mom of three boys: Anthony, Vincent, and Mathew;  grandmother of Joseph and Clara, loving sister of Annabelle Clayton,  passed away August 28, 2009.
07/13/1968 - 10/15/2010
Robert Gilroy (July 13, 1968 - October 15, 2010) a National hero, an honored policeman, who bravely and selflessly served his country, and just a loving father and husband, will be deeply missed by all those who knew him.
01/11/1960 - 06/14/2005
Jesse Matson (January 11, 1960 - June 14, 2005 ) He inspired a quest for travel, a love for the outdoors and encouragement to live life to the fullest and cherish every day. Jesse was a tribute to life and living. We all think of him const...
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05/12/1982 - 03/22/2011
Kira Basset was a kind beautiful soul, it was effortless to love her. Loved by so many, she has gone so young. Heaven is blessed with someone very special like she.
10/22/1917 - 07/12/2009
Benjamin Marcus Allen (October 22, 1917 - July 12, 2009) was an incredible man of an incredible fate. He accomplished so many things and done so much good for so many people that he will be an example for all his inheritors, who will cherish the...
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05/27/1972 - 02/17/2010
Jeremiah Cross, loving and caring father of 2 and husband of Judith, yield to his illness and fell into God's arms on the 17th of February 2010.
08/19/1924 - 02/16/2003
Fiona Ross  was born in London August 19, 1924. She was a remerkable woman who lived an interesting and fascinating life. Her energy, enthusiasm and vitality will be missed by all of our family.
01/10/1925 - 08/10/2003
Gordon Green (January 10, 1925 - August 10, 2003) passed away after a seven-year devastating battle with cancer. Till the end of his days he was the most loving and affectionate father and husband, an accomplished businessman and a devoted fri...
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05/28/1989 - 03/04/2011
Kevin Hardy, a beloved brother and son, passed away March 4, 2011. An avid traveler, Kevin loved to experience different cultures and customs. He loved to hang out with friends and have fun, while studying for the next big Engineering test.
06/20/1922 - 09/19/1995
In a memory of my grandpa, Alexander Drake , who was my hero, because he was a famous chess player and a soldier in World War 2. He won many medals in the chess Olympics. My grandpa accomplished a lot in his life.
03/21/1970 - 01/29/2011
After a courageous battle with cancer, Sandra Dawson left us in the late hours of January 29, 2011, peacefully passing into eternal rest. Her beauty, grace and humor brought love and happiness to everyone she met and she will be remember...
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